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Photo by Mike Scheid at Unsplash

My Mission

In my bones I understand resilience and bouncing forward. I love people, teaching and coaching and believe in building communities through curiosity and joy.  I bring deep business expertise from growing up in a family-owned business, an MBA, and decades of corporate experience. I understand senior managers/Executives and appreciate their struggles because I’ve experienced it all – team conflicts, being laid off, being promoted (or not), being demoted, building strong teams and building influential leaders.  I’m curious and love to learn – about people and their stories.  


Here’s How I Can Help

  • Start a new role as a manager

  • Work to get promoted

  • Find a job after being laid off

  • Decide if you need to leave your current organization and find a new role

  • Work through disappointment

  • Resolve conflict in teams

  • Build your leadership abilities

  • Build a cohesive team

  • Find joy and get balance and relationships back in your life


What Makes Me Unique

  • Through deep conversation, I help you explore your strengths and values and how these support you, and how your sabotaging thoughts hold you back.

  • I remove barriers and create breakthrough by helping you recognize and highlight how magnificent you are and how to live into a full, rich life.


  • My extensive business background, leadership development expertise, coaching experience and Positive Intelligence ®.

Work With Me



Individual Coaching Packages are custom designed to meet your needs



Team Meeting / Coaching Packages are designed to meet your needs



Mental Fitness is responding to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset


“Becky is very passionate about coaching and is constantly expanding her reference materials and toolset. She works to tailor her interactions with each client and doesn’t take a ‘one-size fits-all’ approach. She asks questions, freely shares ideas, and teaches through a ‘get feedback and pivot quickly’ interaction style. Whether seasoned executive with a small focus area or new executive working to develop professionally, Becky will have many ideas and approaches to help you meet your developmental and relational goals.”

- LW, VP Manufacturing and Distribution



2241 S Devinney St

Lakewood, CO 80228 ​


Tel: 303.589.7724


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