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Becky Talks

and Coaching

In 2023 Becky gave a series of presentations for the Women in Consumer Technology Connect Circles.  These were 30-minute talks on topics that Becky is passionate about.


She has also developed workshops on these and other topics that are available for your organization.


Communication & Influence

Create a Culture of Accountability

In June 2022, Becky designed and facilitated a one-day event for Women in Consumer Technology at the Consumer Technology Association house in Washington, DC.  You can find her promo describing the event, and a sizzle reel to give you a flavor of the day’s energy.

2022 Day of Discovery

Promo with Becky


... And she’s doing it again in 2023

Check out the Promo Link Below

Becky is often a requested speaker or panelist to talk about coaching and leadership. 

Here are two of her latest appearances.

What’s the Magic in Metaphors

Emma Doyle – Podcast

Trust and Accountability: Key Foundations for Business Success

Betina Meyer Plug - Wisdom Woman Podcast

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