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“Becky is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable Learning & Development leaders I've had the pleasure to work with. In my time at Dish, I completed several Leadership training programs that she developed and led. She creates prescient and meaningful content that helps people learn, reflect and grow. I've taken several of her concepts with me throughout my career, such as the Personal Leadership Philosophy exercise. She's a delight to be around and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working together!”

- RW, Director Human Resources 

“As a life-long learner, I have taken countless training programs. I consider Positive Intelligence, led by Becky Magnotta, among the best. The program combined an insightful assessment, profound content, group support, and a consistent practice. Training rarely results in lasting behavior change, yet with Becky’s guidance and support, the program was uniquely effective. It altered many of my habits and approaches to work and life, my inner saboteurs have less grip, and I am utilizing more of my own positive intelligence.”

- SC, Consultant and Trainer 

“I worked for Becky for ~4 years and she extended an exceptional level of trust to me from the very beginning. She supported my growth and helped challenge me with new opportunities constantly. In addition, Becky was always available as a coach and confidante--ready to listen and eager to help me find solutions to whatever challenges I was facing. Her tremendous care for me, our work, and our team always shone through.”

- AB, Leadership Consultant 

“I worked on the team Becky led for more than 2 years, and always found her to be insightful, strategic, and supportive. I was given full license by her to diagnose where Dish organizations were having challenges, and to design and deliver appropriate coaching and OD interventions. She was a thought leader and partner for me and the company. Executives at Dish looked to her as a trusted advisor and valuable coach. She focused on helping executives build on their strengths, and leveraged her deep business experience and acumen to help them perform at much higher levels. Becky brought her strengths as a coach, mentor, relationship builder, strategic planner, and tactical execution, and was a very valuable part of the Dish team.”

- BW, PCC, Executive Coach 

Above is a video testimonial by Kevin Karshnik

Above is a video testimonial by Kelly McCormick 

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