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I'm writing this review at the tail end of my 5 months of coaching with Becky. 5 months ago I was feeling deeply depressed and lost in life. I was having panic attacks regularly and was convinced I needed to be perfect. I hated myself and my body. Today, I feel like I'm thriving. I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I'm dreaming big about my future. I'm more mindful and living in the moment. I've even lost 20 pounds. Most importantly, I'm happy.

Now, I had a lot of positive forces working for me these past 5 months, but I like to think Becky was a catalyst. Her kind and gentle coaching opened my mind to a world of possibilities and kicked my self-care mode into gear. I started listening to what I truly wanted (not what I was convinced I had to want). I still have a ton of room for growth, but I'm starting to learn to truly love myself (a concept I wouldn't even have understood at the beginning of this journey).

Signing up for coaching with Becky won't be the solution to all of your problems. The solutions come from YOU. And it won't always be easy. I pushed myself in ways I never thought I could, but Becky was there as a motivator all along the way. When I started to head in a negative direction, my coaching sessions with Becky helped me re-center, remember my goals, and keep my core values at heart.

- Emma McKay, Salesforce Solutions Engineer

“My letter to Becky -

I’m going to be totally honest with you…When we first met I was so broken and discouraged at the thought of having to start over. I felt like a complete failure. I was super negative and didn’t really have the courage to continue a career in this industry. I wanted to give up.

Then I met you…and for the first time in months I felt my confidence grow as we spoke each week. You gave me a sense of direction, focus and purpose. You reminded me of how much I have to offer and to enjoy the journey. I am so grateful for your kind words and amazing skills to help me get to the next level in my career. You are incredible!

Becky is an amazing coach full of encouragement and never-ending support.”

-Jamie Dreiling, Senior Channel Account Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Becky most recently as a panelist at for the Women In Consumer Technology Leadership Challenge @ CEDIA 2022.  Becky prepared, moderated, and executed a dynamic and thoughtful panel on the topic of “Investing in Your People is Good Business”.  She created a supportive, creative, and energetic environment for the team of panelist and encouraged us to communicate with authenticity.  She brought out the strengths of each panelist through the discussion and has a keen ability to empower all those who work with her.  My experience with Becky has been very impactful in providing insights and tools to utilize as I continue in my career development.  ”

- Tracy Christmann, Director - Business Transformation & Synergies

“Becky and I worked together for a short time, but that short time turned into longer term coaching and going through the Positive Intelligence pilot class. Becky is nothing short of fabulous - as a coach, getting those wheels to churn in your head and really get you to think about your career and where you want to go. The Positive Intelligence course was eye opening in ways that I still refer to the book and talk my saboteurs down from standing in my way. Becky truly cares and brings so much energy to every meeting that you will have. ”

-Renee Wooster, Director, Talent Acquisition Operations

Above is a video testimonial by Carol Campbell

Above is a video testimonial by Sonia Hernandez

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